Spire is positioned to benefit from rapid growth in the following areas:

  • Licensed Producer Buildout and Design
  • Licensed Producer Security Consulting and Risk Assessment
  • Transportation & Production Facility Security
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Software Development and Application Integration

Strategic Expertise

As the Canadian legal cannabis space transitions towards legal adult use, Spire has recognized that the existing security industry is focused solely on Health Canada compliance for LP applicants and sustained security and risk mitigation have taken a backseat in the race to obtain a License to Produce. We are committed to ensuring safety and security through risk reduction while establishing long-term cost savings relationships with our clients.


Assist prospective LP’s navigate the application process and ensure Health Canada compliance.

Security Program Design

Develop security platforms for existing LP’s including innovative IT improvements for financial savings.

Transportation Security

Assist in helping secure transport for cannabis and assessing future LP transportation security systems.

Insurance & Risk Management

Assess risk exposure and developing special risk insurance products for cannabis sector.

Authorized Licensed Producers

74 LP'sApproved

Licensed producers who have been issued a licence by Health Canada.

428 LP'sAwaiting Approval

Licensed producers who are currently in the application process through Health Canada.

Source: Health Canada (2017-10-27)

Legal Cannabis Market

Assuming adult use of recreational cannabis is legalized in Canada in mid-2018, cannabis sales are expected to reach $4.6B by 2019 and $7.4B by 2024. The export market could represent an additional $0.5B to $1.5B at minimum, with potential for much greater global growth on the basis of Canada’s strong international cannabis brand. Canadian licensed producers will need to cultivate an aggregate of 610,000kg of cannabis to meet conservative projects of domestic and export demand in 2019. Last year’s total estimated production of 31,000kg represents just 5% of this total.

Based on the projected rate of approved applications for Licensed Producers by Health Canada, LP’s will only be able to supply 5% of the total demand for cannabis by the time the legal recreational market takes effect in 2018. Based on the projections, it is believed that Health Canada will streamline the application process to meet the demands. This will necessitate that security consultants become more involved in the compliance process and conduct more security assessments and attestations to expedite the licensing process.

Source: PI Financial (23-02-2017)

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