Leadership Team

Our team includes individuals with more than 35 years of regional, national, and international policing experience, half of it spent targeting organized crime and prolific offenders. Balancing our operational enforcement experience, Spire has added a core group of senior executives with business management and information technology expertise, as well as military leadership skills. In a rapidly changing landscape of information and technology innovation, members of our team have over fifteen years experience providing mission critical technology

Andrew Richards
Chief Executive Officer

Andy Richards is a seasoned leader in both police services and international private security for high-risk regulated industries. After a diverse thirty-four year career in three separate police agencies, Andy retired in June 2015 as a Deputy Chief Constable in the Greater Vancouver area.

Jeff Meyers
Chief Operating Officer

In addition to recent corporate experience protecting Canadian mining assets in high risk areas of the world, Jeff Meyers brings 24 years of Canadian law enforcement experience specializing in covert operations, organized crime, and cross border regulation, enforcement, and interdiction.

Gavin Dew

Gavin Dew is an experienced public affairs and business development professional who has stewarded multi-billion dollar projects through complex strategic, regulatory, and political challenges in multiple industries.

Tim Humbestone
Chief Strategy Officer

Tim Humberstone is a security and compliance expert in establishing regulated operations as the Senior Person in Charge at one of Canada’s first Licensed Producers of medicinal cannabis. He has worked closely with Health Canada and the Office of Medical Cannabis since the earliest days of the regulated cannabis sector.

Kevin Mead
Chief Administration Officer and Director International Programs

Throughout his 23-year career as an Officer in the Canadian Army, Kevin has served across the country and internationally in numerous command, training and senior staff positions at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

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