Andrew Richards

About Andy

Andy Richards is a seasoned leader in both police services and international private security for high-risk regulated industries. After a diverse thirty-four year career in three separate police agencies, Andy retired in June 2015 as a Deputy Chief Constable in the Greater Vancouver area.

For most of his career, Andy specialized as an investigator, supervisor, and manager of complex covert investigations. He led many of the largest, most successful investigations organized crime investigations in BC. Many of these investigations focused on organized crime groups and prolific offenders who controlled or targeted elements of the illegal, grey, and legal medical marijuana industries. These investigations led to meaningful tactical and strategic relationships with law enforcement agencies across Canada and around the world.

As a Deputy Chief and member of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police, Andy was involved in the dialogue with Health Canada regarding marijuana regulations. He remains an associate member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Andy has a Masters degree in criminal justice from the University of the Fraser Valley.

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