Kevin Mead

About Kevin

Throughout his 23-year career as an Officer in the Canadian Army, Kevin has served across the country and internationally in numerous command, training and senior staff positions at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. His operational experiences include leading the Army’s surveillance and reconnaissance operations during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics in support of the RCMP’s greater security contingent and abroad on international coalition operations in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Macedonia and Afghanistan during which he worked with international conventional, Special Forces and political entities. Having completed a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management, he transitioned from the Regular Force in 2014 as the Commanding Officer of a Canadian Forces Detachment. Since leaving the Forces, he has since served as an Industrial Relations Officer for the BC Ministry of Labour responsible for legislative compliance and enforcement and most recently as VP Operations in a private manufacturing firm in the security and defence industry. His expertise in leading interagency and multi-disciplinary teams in complex high-risk operations and program delivery is an asset to the Spire team.

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